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Kalebh Withers, one of our licensed home inspectors

Inspections Completed

Kalebh Withers, our owner/operator, has more than 500 inspections completed. This is in just four years, and he’s built the business to scale. In other words, every year that passes, he’s able to help more people!

Kalebh Withers, one of our licensed home inspectors, preforming an inspection with a flashlight

Kalebh Withers’ Inspection Credentials

After more than 15 years of combined painting and construction experience, Kalebh decided it was time to help homebuyers in a different way. That’s why he changed his path to being a home inspector, and he absolutely loves it! His credentials include:

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North Carolina Licensed Home Inspector #4035

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Bachelor’s Degree from Appalachian State University

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Inspector Nation Graduate

Background Skills

Kalebh has a strong background in other related industries. He first started his career as a painter and spent 10+ years fulfilling this role. Then, as his interest in helping others grew even larger, he transitioned into a construction role, where he spent the next 5+ years. Eventually, he decided that it was time to begin his career as a home inspector.

Kalebh has been serving his local area since 2016 in this capacity, and he truly loves educating all customers on their home. He also enjoys seeing new things daily. It’s his primary goal to make sure that all clients are given enough useful information to be able to make an informed decision.

One of Rock Solid's home inspectors, Kalebh Withers, inspecting the interior of a house

Kalebh’s Personal Ethics

Kalebh has an ethical take on everything that he does. When it comes to working as a home inspector, there are three very important goals that he’s always working on.


I’m Genuine

Every inspection will be performed the exact same way, no matter who the customer is.


I Care

I want the customer to know the shape of the property, even if it’s not always good news.


I’m Available

I wish to be a resource for all my customer, even after the inspection. I want them to know that they can call me anytime to ask questions if they ever have them in the future.

Break Time with Kalebh

Kalebh finds it rewarding to spend time hiking and enjoying the Great Outdoors. Additionally, he loves snowboarding, watching football, and spending quality time with his family.

Home Inspection with Home Inspector Kalebh Withers

Kalebh Withers

NC Licensed Home Inspector 

Answering Your Questions Even After The Inspection